Find Us!

Stores carrying our products:

  • The Rooted Home (both our brand and under their store brand)
  • Green Haven (both our brand and under their store brand)
  • The Keep (our brand)
  • Brave Hazel (our brand)
  • Iron + Grain (our brand)

Upcoming Vendor Events

Date Event
4/6/2024 Brinkerhoff Mansion
4/13/2024 Small Town Dreamers Market
4/26-27/2024 Brave Days in Carlinville
4/28/2024 Virden KC Hall
5/2/2024 Central Park Market Jacksonville
5/4/2024 Spring Fling at the COOP
5/11/2024 Small Town Dreamers Market
6/6/2024 Central Park Market Jacksonville
7/19/2024 Sweet Corn Festival
8/10/2024 Small Town Dreamers Market
9/5/2024 Central Park Market Jacksonville
9/14/2024 Small Town Dreamers Market
9/21/2024 Oktoberfest
9/28/2024 Apple Pork Festival
10/25/2024 Jacksonville Warehouse
11/24/2024 Holiday Extravaganza
12/6/2024 Carlinville Xmas