About Us

Meta has always had an interest in learning more about how things are made, especially those expensive products in the skincare and makeup realm.  She eventually encountered essential oils through an MLM and began researching safe and effective use of them.  After completing her NAHA credentialed aromatherapist certification, she continued to explore the science behind how to create her own recipes/formulas for skincare, haircare, and makeup products.  Instead of just using what other people say would work, she learned how to create successful formulas and research ingredients to make quality products. 

She doesn't love the super expensive price tag often associated with some "luxury" products as she was raised by a farmer and teacher and taught accordingly about money.  Instead she focuses her products on being more accessible for families, especially in rural central Illinois.  High quality products don't have to cost a lot to be good and effective.    

Meta loves sharing knowledge and working together with other small businesses to expand their product lines and even just simple education about what products are good for specific things.  You can often find her whipping up the latest products, working at a vendor event, or spending time with her husband and daughter who both often help with the business.