About Us

Hi! I’m Meta, creator of The Aromatic Dragon…

What started off as a fun little side project has grown into a much larger passion.  On a quest to improve my own options for makeup, skincare, beauty, and health, I found that making my own products was just as rewarding as buying them pre-made, and often better! I started off with getting certified in aromatherapy and then began the challenge of learning what ingredients work best in certain products and how to make them.

Not all ingredients are the same and natural can mean so many things in the industry. We strive to use products that are not created synthetically if we can. Some ingredients may be difficult to obtain in a pure enough form or need preservatives for your safety, so should you have questions or concerns about an ingredient, just ask. As our products utilize predominantly non-synthetic ingredients, they do have a limited shelf-life and should be utilized within 6-12 months.

For clients who are sensitive to fragrance, the majority of our products can be made fragrance-free or can be scented using essential oils or hydrosols (think floral waters like rose water!). These products cost more to use than fragrance, but bring added benefits with them. Should a product use a fragrance, it will be listed in the ingredients. If you wish to have a specific scent that is not listed, please reach out to us!

From soaps and balms to lotions and other exciting products, I hope you find some that you will fall in love with as much as I have. Browse around, hopefully learn something new, and find some new products to fall in love with.